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Thinks Vision

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To provide fresh and inspired thinking, backed up by excellence in all we do.  A very flexible and professional qualitative consultancy, delivering the level of involvement and services you need in UK or internationally.

The Firm

Thinks Research was founded by Anne Ward in 2006.

Thinks Research offers a flexible, and highly personalised, research consultancy.  Creative, focused and tailored to give answers, direction and constructive guidance to your marketing or communication problems.

Original Thinking

Thinks Research draws its tools and methods from a wide and varied range of disciplines and sources, a mix of traditional.  We don't push off-the-peg products, black boxes or the latest fad.

Understanding What You Need

We DO understand that every client is unique, with different needs and different styles of communication.  We will always provide the levels of depth, understanding, detail and guidance that you need.  Where a deep understanding of motivation and a psychological profile of your potential market is needed we'll deliver the detailed goods.  But we won't write a tome when you need to make a very specific tactical decision tomorrow.

Versatile and Skilled

We are as comfortable – and expert – in moderating extended creative 'projective' groups as with ethnographic interviews, with traditional concept clinics as with ideas generation workshops, with straightforward in-depth interviews as with conflict groups.  And as experienced in presenting at board level as delivering the insights to creatives or the nitty-gritty to engineers.

Chiefs not Indians

Anne Ward personally designs, directs and conducts research.  Where more than one researcher is needed she works with a small team of hand-picked and very experienced free-lance consultants.

UK or Worldwide

Anne has spent more than 12 years developing and sharing the best in international qualitative research within the Ipsos group and with independent researchers round the world.  We can deliver a seamless and consistent project because we personally know the best people to use, in Europe, the USA, and beyond.  We know how to combine comparability with cultural sensitivity – and present a single way forward, however big or small the project.

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